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Abs after kids are possible
From “fat” skinny NBA dancer to toned and fit Mom of 2

Traci Westerhout, RN, BSN, a Nurse Educator, Wellness Expert, and Fitness Trainer who specializes in balancing fitness, nutrition, career, parenting, and purpose. Focusing on helping women move beyond survival to awareness and connection of emotions and behaviors with health and chronic conditions as well as learning how to nurture the body to maximize energy levels, lose weight while eating without deprivation or punishment, and returning the body back to it’s optimum function by balancing all the component. Finally, a program that combines it all for MAXIMUM RESULTS and teaches you how to maintain it all as a lifestyle.

Backed not only by nursing experience in exercise science and progression and healthy lifestyle education but also a personal transformation from “fat” skinny NBA Dancer eating processed diet foods to toned and fit Mom of two creating and utilizing effective and efficient workouts and incorporating a “whole foods fuel your body for your life“ approach, to address your need to stay fit and active for and with your family while also pursuing your passions and nurturing the dynamic person you are, since I understand how challenging it is to carve out time for yourself and how rewarding it is to successfully balance fitness, fun and family.

After two kids
After two kids


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    • It was SO fun and definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Dancing in front of 26,000 people is Ca-ra-Zee but the energy is like no other. Best part was that I met my best friends dancing together those years.

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