Need some motivation this week?

Get rid of the guilt and realize you are worth being your best self!


to show you are committing to YOUR health today.

There is NO better gift you can give yourself and the ones you love than to commit to YOUR health. Sure that includes working out but it’s so much more than that. It’s getting right on the inside by eating foods that help your body run efficiently and fuel it for what you want to do. It’s reducing stress in your life, whether it be limiting time with “energy suckers” or saying NO to that extra responsibility SOMEBODY else knows you would be great at or can really help them out with. Getting right with yourself and scheduling time for activities you love that GIVE you energy or downtime so you can ENJOY all the blessings you are surrounded by or just shifting your perspective to gratitude. All that encompasses health. I spent my weekend surrounding myself with FAT FREE friends who I feel more energetic around, who encourage me to go outside my comfort zone and go for what I dream about. COMMENT  below with your fat free friend’s name and tell me what you are going to do for your health today.


Are you going to workout? eat better? get more sleep?  make your meals at home? spend time with loved ones? Turn down that extra request?  If you need permission to say NO, I grant you that permission. 😉  Nurses order. 🙂

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