Transformation Tuesday-The Hawaii Trip

Think health and fitness is all about the weight on that scale?! Many people focus on that number and let that number define their day or how they feel about themselves or even more, define how much self loathing they will do that day.

Well, it’s time to STOP the way you view your health and fitness! TRANSFORM YOUR Heather BrownMIND!!! It’s time to take a look at how you FEEL. Here is a PRIME example, one of the ladies in my online fitness group sent me this PM earlier today … “I just wanted to tell you thank you again for everything and the support you give. I am down 6 pounds and never felt better. Leaving Wednesday for Hawaii with my husband and look and feel better than when we got married. I love this plan and hope to continue it when I return as the maintenance portion.”

Her REASON for joining was to feel good on her vacation with her husband. Hello! Yes, feel confident, enjoy your time with your loved ones. Enjoy a Mai Tai or two and not feel like you’re a horrible person for enjoying a splurge. Heather Brown, you rock lady and deserve to rock that bikini and I hope your husband is prepared to show you off cause you are OWNING IT! WOOT! WOOT!


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