Yes, you can do it!

Not sure if you can run a 1/2 marathon or lose the last 20 lbs?

The answer is simple…
Yes! Yes you can with three things.

1. The desire to change.
2. Commitment to yourself, workouts, and eating habits daily.
3. Accountability and Support to keep you going on those difficult days.

Today is a Shout Out to one Inspiring Momma, Jenn!

You can do it!
Shout out to my dear friend and fitness group participant Jenn! A little over a year ago I was blessed to meet an amazing woman who had a smile that lit up the back row of my Hardcore Hustle class and as I would soon come to learn a heart of gold that is unmatched. This woman would drive nearly an hour just for my class (I’m so honored). Well, life happens and she wasn’t able to come anymore, but we reconnected through one of my online fitness groups, and together we worked on getting this lady stronger and back out to her running. I am so happy to report that not only does she have amazing “guns” now but this past weekend she completed her first 1/2 marathon WITHOUT walking AT ALL. 8.5 miles had been her farthest run prior. Considering all that she has dealt with recovering from a surgery and juggling her busy personal life this is such a huge accomplishment! Jenn, I am so proud of you. Your hard work, consistency, and determination have paid off. I am honored to celebrate this accomplishment with you!

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