Corporate Fitness & Wellness

Why On-site Corporate Fitness?

IMG_0326On-site Corporate Fitness and wellness is gaining momentum within the work force due to the increasing awareness of wellness for employees and the benefits.  We are proud to announce Corporate On-site Fitness and Wellness Education in Orange County, California.  Incorporating the experience of a Registered Nurse with a Fitness trainer allows us to expand and combine our services into a complete program that covers not only fitness, but lifestyle management and wellness education.

Corporate Wellness helps employees and the companies they work for symbiotically. If there is space and an hour, Inspire Higher Fitness & Wellness will come to your! Most of our companies have an on-site Instructor 2 to 3 times per week along with monthly educational opportunities. We can tailor both the workouts and the education to meet the needs of your employees. We recommend offering two different levels of classes:

  • One for beginners or those with medical issues.
  • One for more athletic employees who want a more challenging workout.

We offer Corporate On-site Fitness Classes & Wellness Education

Corporate fitness classes are offered in Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and other locations here in Orange County, CA. We will bring the the benefits of exercise and health benefits of stress reducing lifestyle changes  to your team at your location. We also offer health and fitness testing and evaluations for your employees and create individualized workout prescription based on their fitness level and goals.

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Here are some Benefits of On-site Corporate FitnessPartner Workouts Rock

  • Less stress in the workplace
  • Improved professional relationships
  • Less sick days
  • Increased productivity
  • Relief of tension related pain

Wellness Education Topics Specific to your Team

Have a team that travels frequently?  We can educate them on how to eat out and still maintain their weight and how to eat for energy.

High pressure and lots of deadlines?  We can help manage the tension and stress and teach your team how to prevent the negative effects of high stress.

Why is strength training so critical to long term health?

What do you do after you’ve met your health and fitness goals?  How do you maintain your results and assure you don’t lose your progress?

These are just a few of the topics we have helped our clients with.  The list is endless.

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