Time to Chisel that Body NOW for this Summer

I’m a couple weeks into a new fitness program that is all about tightening up the body and chiseling it out.

Here is a little sample workout from the Hammer & Chisel program I started. I’ve always loved strength training so I’m totally digging this one. Even the endurance and agility workouts incorporate weights so I am one happy girl. No secret I’m a group fitness junkie so I get plenty of cardio in with my teaching schedule and this program is perfect for me to balance everything out with resistance training. What do you think of this sample? PS I know my socks don’t match my shoes which don’t match the rest. I’m working out at home so I don’t care. Lol. No make up and a hat makes me a happy girl too!

Posted by Inspire Higher on Saturday, January 9, 2016

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