Round 1 Holiday 21 Day Fix

As we come upon Thanksgiving I am thrilled to give thanks to my 21 Day Fitness group. You all are Ah-MAZE-ing. Your inspiration has blessed me the past three weeks. I’m not one who loves to post photos of myself but I will in hopes that it will remind and inspire someone that they can make change within themselves if they decide they are ready to commit. Now before I hear from you, No, I didn’t want to lose weight. I simply wanted to change my body composition. I hold my weight in my abdominal area FIRST which means it is the last to leave and I don’t hold much in my arms and shoulders, which means it is the FIRST to leave so I struggle between wanting to lean out my midsection and not lose my upper body strength. I don’t happen to like the skinny arm look. JUST MY OPINION. Don’t send me hate mail. So here is what I was able to accomplish in 3 weeks…

Decrease in my body fat by 3.5%Round 1 Holiday 21 Day Fix

Increased definition in my arms and abs

Weight loss of 2 lbs (not intentional)

Reduction in my sugar cravings

Increased desire for veggies

A renewed interest in cooking and trying new veggie based recipes (Hello bread-less stuffing! Yummy!)

Feeling lighter, more energetic, and less stressed

More ready to handle the holidays and committed to continuing a few key habits…

How did I do this? It was simply using macro nutrients i.e. carbs proteins fats in the right amounts for my body. I didn’t starve. Those who know me know I get HANGRY so that’s not an option for me. And I certainly didn’t do it perfect. In fact there were some days I had to decide if it was worth it to keep going or not based on what I had eaten already and how far off I had eaten from the program guidelines that day. And I even had some injuries and pain to deal with that threw my workouts off-track. But what I decided was to listen to my body and to stay committed through the three weeks. Now I’m going into this week feeling good and strong and I’m going to stay on track all week and then enjoy Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving I’m heading right back into the three weeks of focus eating and workouts. Knowing that it’s a difficult time of the year I’m going to work in quick workouts and allow for some treats as I go to some holiday parties. If you want to join me we still have time. We can do this through the holidays TOGETHER enjoying the holidays but not feeling guilty afterward.

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