How to start the New Year with hope

Hardest Part is Started

I find this to be true. Do you?
Once you are started and get into a routine it gets so much emeasier.
So stop giving up so you never have to start again, right? Sounds easy to say, I know. So I’ll share with you my truth.

I don’t workout every day and I don’t eat perfect all the time. I like to live and eat and not be OCD about my food and exercise. However, even when I make food choices that bring my energy down or miss a couple workouts I DON’T throw in the towel. My last round of 21 Day Fix (over the holidays nonetheless) was proof to myself that you can still get results as long as you don’t give up. I shared that I didn’t stay on my food plan everyday and some days I was so far off I questioned whether it was worth continuing on. The answer was YES because I still ended the round with results that were better than when I started. The first week of January is a week that I work back into a routine after Winter break and start planning for where I want to focus my energy. I find the first week a bit disorganized and not super efficient but by the end of this week I’ll be ready to hit next week HARD! How about you? Can I get a “H3// Yeah” to that?!

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