What was once unthinkable, unattainable, unfathomable, or unimaginable is really not!

The true life stories of ordinary people that have gone on to achieve great things for themselves, their families and others they touch…all could be YOUR STORY TOO!


We role modeled for our kids how you can get knocked down in life, but the real story is how you handle yourself and get out the other side. ~Mike R.

It was a totally life-changing experience! And to see someone else experience that with “my” help is an amazing feeling! ~Carter I.

The greatest gift you can receive is when someone thanks you for helping them change their own life and for being there for them. SO powerful!  ~Anne F.

I like to say that being a Team Beachbody Coach is what I never knew I always wanted to be! ☺ I love feeling healthy in my own skin, and love helping other people find that same freedom. ~Traci M.

To finally be in a position to own a business that allows us to do much of what we do daily (teach, coach, lead, motivate, hopefully inspire) on a bigger global scale, to be able to help others while helping our family….it is truly a dream come true. Boiled down to three words??? BEST DECISION EVER. ~Julie V.

Personal stories:

-Accountability is what helped me in our group with Traci Westerhout. She was always checking in with us, pushing us, and giving us fitness as well as nutritional advice and recipes. It was so nice having that support. 
-Marlene K.

-I got more out of an accountability group than I ever expected. My favorite part of the group was the feeling of camaraderie. I’m a runner. My fitness goals and achievements have been a solitary experience for most of my journey. Besides annoying my coworkers and family who see exercise as punishment. Being in the group allowed me to share both my achievements and struggles with like minded people. At the end of the 60 days I did the fit test and also really pushed myself on my run check my improvement. I ran 6 miles and my average mile went from almost a 9 min mile to 8.19. THAT’S exciting. Working the different muscle groups during Insanity improved my pace and all the stretching in the videos reminded me how good and important that is. Finally, having Traci as a resource for my never ending nutrition and fitness questions and “personal” coach has been priceless. I had an awesome experience and will join another group. Right after my 18 mile race next month.

I think the biggest change for me is my nutrition which is surprising because that’s not why I joined the group. I thought my nutrition was okayish but I didn’t realize I was kind of sabatoging my fitness goals by my neglect. I was just counting calories and not really paying attention to where they came from. I feel better and am able to push harder when I’m focusing more on good nutrition.-Amber W.


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