What can I do after I eat badly?


Don’t let some bad eating throw you overboard.

Okay, you found yourself reaching into the chip bowl all afternoon long, while sipping on some festive sugary beverage, along with “why not have some ice cream to go with that pie.” But the truth is one day or even three days of badness doesn’t have to spiral into a habit.   Here are some tips to minimize the damage and get you back on track.

STOP.  Don’t let yourself guilt and shame yourself into more bad eating.  Stop your negative self talk now and decide to start over right here and now.

Move. Go down to the beach for a brisk walk, press play on your favorite home workout, or hit the gym. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel and how it’ll clear your head and give your perspective.

Hydrate. Most people end up dehydrated after the festivities.  They drink a lot of something, but not enough water.  Water helps flush your body of all the junk you’ve just put into it.  So drink up, fill up, and then refuel at your next meal.

Be honest. This is the hard part.  What was the reason you ate whatever it was that has you feeling gross now? Boredom?  Feel pressured?  Didn’t want people to comment on your “health food”?  Feeling bad about yourself or your situation? Whatever it was, it’s important to gain awareness and understand why.

Don’t Starve yourself. Honestly, it will only create a starvation pattern where your body wants to hold onto everything, and you’ll likely end up eating frantically and out of control from the hunger.

Shakeology . It really is the ultimate panacea. Don’t drink a shake directly after eating badly – rather, wait until the next day and start your morning with one. Perhaps have several through the morning and early afternoon and waive food until late afternoon. This will allow your body some time to rejuvenate itself. You can also do a 3 day “cleanse” with three shakes a day and light salad with lean protein for dinner to really help maximize nutrient density and jump start your “come back”. If you’re interested in a 10 day meal plan that includes Shakeology as one of your daily meals along with recipes and a shopping list for those 10 days contact us for more information so that we can create the plan that meets your health and fitness needs and goals.

Understanding the WHY behind your decision to eat badly is really the most important thing. You’ve got to find a way to make it work for you so you don’t feel unfulfilled and deprived, otherwise you’re gonna yo-yo back and forth between the good and the bad, when there really is a beautiful path right in the middle.
Eat Clean for lifeIf you know you have an event coming up where you’ll be tempted to overeat, plan for it. If you know you are going to see your favorite food in front of you then plan your meals to incorporate a reasonable amount of your “it” food. For instance, I will make sure to have my Shakeology that morning, eat a big salad with plenty of nutrients for lunch, and start my dinner with a salad and have a plate of lean protein and tons of fresh veggies. Then when the dessert comes (My “it”  food.) I enjoy each and every bite I take.  I sit back and enjoy all the flavors and usually feel content after a few bites.  Although, sometimes I enjoy all of it, but that is often a conscious decision, not an emotional out of control decision.


Nobody wants to be stressing about food 24/7, so make healthy choices 75-80% of the time and really enjoy the other 20%.  When it gets out of balance, figure out why, and jump right back on the wagon.  You’re worth it!


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