Wellness Program

Inspire Higher is proud to offer Corporate and Individual Comprehensive and Individualized Wellness Programs.

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This program includes:

1)   Personal Health Assessment and Fitness Evaluation (HFE), which includes body composition analysis

2)   Risk Factor Assessment

3)   Individualized home and gym exercise prescription based on your HFE and workout preferences

4)   Measurable, specific, and attainable goals for your 6 month program

5)   Incentive to reach your goals

6)   Dietary assessment with a customized diet/nutrition program designed to meet your individual needs

7)   Meal plans with shopping lists

8)   Stress and Lifestyle Management

9) Weekly accountability and goal setting video conferening/calls

10) If you are local,  biweekly workouts that will increase strength while leaning out and toning your body, improve cardiovascular endurance while burning tons of calories during and after (EPOC), completed with a mind body connection to bring awareness and relaxation to your body and your day, (Hence allowing you to be present and intentional throughout your day.) If you’re not local, custom created workouts that break down form and technique to assure you achieve the most from your workouts.

Not ready for the full package yet, No Problem.
We’ve got individual services to meet your individual needs.

You don’t have to be local to take advantages of the numerous solutions Inspire Higher offers.

The Weekly Inspire-Want to learn how to set goals that you CAN achieve and be sure that you achieve them?  We’ve got you covered here with weekly interactive sessions that teach you how to make the changes that make the biggest impact.

The Inspire Hour-Want help learning how to workout?  We’ve can help you with that too.  Weekly workouts and individualized form and technique guidance.

Looking for meal plans or to learn how to change the way you eat to meet your goals and change your body composition?  Look no further. (Check the Weekly Inspire Box below for more information.)

The Wellness Package-Having trouble juggling all the roles you play?  Feel like you’re not succeeding at any of them?  Let us help you learn how to create a life that allows you to do what you want with who you want when you want.  Learn how to destress, focus on your priorities, and incorporate changes that help improve your energy, sleep, and reduce your risk for stress related illnesses.

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