What Is A Coach?

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As a Nurse Educator, Wellness Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor I have been helping coach people to their best health for nearly a decade. My specialty in balancing fitness, nutrition, and stress management to help you move beyond survival to connecting your emotions and behaviors with your health and learning how to nurture your body to maximize your energy level, lose weight while eating without deprivation or punishment, and  to return your body back to it’s optimum function  by focusing on the WHOLE PERSON.

Not only do I teach people how to change their habits, how to eat correctly, exercise with proper form at THEIR fitness level, but I also coach them along.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, it means I provide nonjudgmental, consistent support through learning all this new information while showing your how to implement and incorporate it into your daily life.  But it doesn’t stop there. There are roadblocks that come into life and challenges that can deter you from your best efforts.  That’s where I come in again, to help you through those difficult times. To help you restart when you feel embarrassed or ashamed that you quit (at least that is how I would feel when I quit because the evening prior I downed the gallon of ice cream so why even bother).  I’m here to help you connect the dots as to why you aren’t reaching your health and fitness goals and I’m here to show you how to connect those dots and carry on.

Me? A Coach??

Yes, you can too!  You don’t have to be a RN to do this. You just need a desire to help others while you stay accountable to YOUR own health.

Watch this video to learn how you can do it too.


Becoming a Coach has really shown me the value of inspiring others.  Witnessing people’s lives changing is incredible and being a part of that is such a gift!


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